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Many homeowners struggle to keep their trees healthy for their landscape in the summer months. Trees are a part of our natural ecosystem, but that doesn't mean we don't have to take good care of them. Many people don't realize how complex trees can be and how important it is to know how to perform essential maintenance on them.

As the summer months have arrived, it's a great time to take care of your garden, especially your trees. You don't have to become a specialist to understand how trees like this time of year—they're just waiting for you to show them some TLC!

Prune regularly. Trees lose their leaves naturally every year and lose them faster when stressed out from cold winter or hot summer days. Trim branches that are too long or thin. You might have noticed that some branches seem to be growing at an angle—it's not just because the wind has blown over them! To prevent damage or decay to the tree, prune away dead branches and any other parts of the tree that look unhealthy or damaged (like broken limbs).

Watering. Trees need moisture to thrive, and if they're not getting enough during the summer months, it will show up on their leaves in the form of sunburned spots or brown edges. Maintain proper water pressure around the base of your tree by installing a drip irrigation system in your yard or hose bibs around each tree's root zone.

Use fertilizer. If you haven't fertilized in a while, now is the time to do it! One of the essential things you can do to help your tree grow over the summer is fertilizing. It also helps prevent diseases and pests from attacking them, which will keep them safe from harm during the scorching heat of summer.

Mulch your soil. Mulching helps retain moisture, especially for trees with little or no rainfall. It also helps prevent weeds from sprouting up under the soil, which can be dangerous for roots—mulch around trees and bushes to keep them more relaxed and reduce evaporation from their roots during the summer months.

Type of tree. You might think that every tree in your landscape is the same, but there are different types of trees with additional needs. Knowing your tree will help you understand what kind of care you shall give. For example, some trees need more water than others and may need regular fertilization.

Trees are vital as they give us shade and oxygen and add beauty to overall landscape design. However, there will be a point in the summer when a practical way to maintain the trees in your landscape is to hire a landscaper. Medford Landscape Design can help you maintain your trees and your whole property and garden! Take advantage of our free consultation to get an initial assessment of what we can do for your landscape.

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