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Gone is the salty summer air because fall is here. With this season comes the change in the scenery where pumpkins and hues of orange and brown dominate. This is the time when one can say for sure that fall has arrived. The fall weather is relaxing, and one can spend time outdoors without many worries as the heat relented. This is the perfect time to prepare for yard cleanup and landscape maintenance for homeowners and gardeners. We designed a helpful fall yard and landscape checklist that's straightforward to follow.

Where else to start but with lawn care and maintenance? Your lawn needs extra attention during this time as it is being prepared for winter. 

Rake the leaves in your yard. Start the cleanup by cleaning the pile of leaves on your yard and lawn. This may be daunting, especially if you have vast property. To ease the difficulty, use the appropriate tool for raking the leaves. There may also be times when other debris is present on the ground. With this, adjust accordingly and pick the right tool to work with and prevent cleaning accidents.

Keep the ideal height of the grass. Experts agree that the perfect height of the grass is 2.5 to 3 inches so see to it that you cut and maintain the grass at that height. When the grass is too high, it blocks the sunlight that the ground needs, somehow trapping unnecessary moisture. And if the grass is too short, it can quicken and permit weed growth. 

Aerate the lawn. Aeration is always a must for lawn care. Aeration benefits your lawn so that the ground can easily absorb air and water by reducing soil compaction. This also helps when the lawn is overseeded, and fertilizers are used. In addition, all the essential nutrient uptake improves through aeration.

Prepare garden beds. This activity will only be done if you are gardening. As early as September, you should be able to clean out the weeds and harvest all crops that are still available in your garden. Do all this before the first frost to clean the garden beds and add a fair amount of mulch to cover the ground and protect the roots from the harsh winter.

Drain irrigation systems. This is a preparation for the long winter and is an easy task. Drain all the water in your garden and yard's irrigation systems. Make sure that no water is trapped inside the hoses and pipes. 

Install outdoor lighting or fire pit. This is more of a landscape-related activity but is worthy of your time. Outdoor landscaping includes elements like these and improves your time outside your home. If a fire pit is installed, it can be a place where you can host simple get-togethers or just a simple hangout place. The heat from the fire pit will surely complement the crisp air of the fall season. Outdoor lighting, on the other hand, enhances the overall visual of your landscape and can highlight unique features of your home, thus improving curb appeal.  

All these activities can be done on your own but isn't it better to let a professional handle it or even extend their expertise to help you prepare your garden for fall? So give us a call at Medford Landscape Design, and we'll be excited and glad to assist you!

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