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Summer is a time for you to grab the opportunity to be outdoors. It’s when backyard barbecues and pool parties become a regular occurrence, to the delight. And what better way to host or attend such a party than a spotless property filled with well-manicured lawns, flourishing gardens, and an updated yard to enjoy the sun!

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for landscaping inspiration or want some quick tips. Here are some outdoor ideas that will make your yard look fantastic this summer:

Mow the lawn. Your lawn needs mowing: It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes lawns need trimming more often than others—especially if they have thick grass or tall weeds growing in them!

Flowers are always a good idea. Depending on the flower you desire to have in your garden, you can plant them in containers or on the ground. A lovely garden with flowers will add color and life to any space. Check out these plants that are good for summer weather.

Get some new pots. You can do this with indoor and outdoor plants, so there is no need to worry about keeping them separate! Instead, just put some colorful flowers in those old green pots around the house and make them look shiny again.

Update your patio furniture. Maybe you have a bench falling apart or are ready for something new with more style and personality. Either way, it’s time to get some new stuff for your patio, perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

Water to cool down. A water feature will help cool down your yard and make it more inviting during hot summer days. A water feature can add movement and color to your landscape design, which can be especially helpful if your yard has many plants that don’t bloom all year round. Plus, they’re just plain relaxing to look at.

Put up some string lights. You might not think about this one often when decorating your yard because most people use candles or lanterns instead of lights, but string lights can give an extra pop of color when hung from trees or posts in your garden area. This can add up some mood during your relaxing summer nights outdoor.

Check your concrete. Your driveway or pavement with any concrete patching compound might need repairing when you see cracks or holes. This will keep water from seeping through those cracks into the ground below, where it can cause damage to plants and trees nearby.

Don’t forget about trees! Other than providing your outdoor space with shade, beauty, and oxygen for people to breathe, they also help with air quality by removing pollutants from the environment. Learn more about trees that are great in the shade during the summer season.

Nothing beats outdoor time with friends and family on a sunny summer day. But great outdoor time starts with an even better outdoor area, so take note of these summer landscaping tips to make the most out of your outdoor space this summer.

In addition to the above tips, reach out to landscaping experts here at Medford Landscape Design. With our free consultation, we can help you end up with an outdoor space that you can enjoy during the summer season and throughout the year as we offer property and garden maintenance.

Medford Landscape Design is a highly regarded and respected full-service landscaping company on the North shore.

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