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It’s impossible to know everything about landscaping and gardening alike. Even experienced gardeners commit mistakes every once in a while. However, one can still try to learn so much as to prevent mishaps and garden failures from happening. After all, we only want an attractive home and a blooming garden with it.

This applies to planting and looking after your flowers too. For example, there might be a time when you experienced wilting flowers which made you unhappy.

You can prevent that from happening again if you make sure to follow the tips below. Every step is crucial to achieving your dream garden, no matter the season.

Study your location. There is weight in precisely planning for your garden. Every time you wish to plant something, you should always study your area and do it for few reasons. One, there is a thing called hardy zones which influences the growth of your plants. For example, you might want to plant a flower that you saw online and learned that it blooms during spring. But before heading to your local garden center, you should examine first if it grows well where your home is situated. Then, use the hardy zones as your guide in planting. It is also recommended to study if the seedlings need full sun or partial shade. Knowing your location well, you’d also be aware of things like the first frost during the start of winter. This, on the other hand, can help you determine when it is best to plant your seeds for abundant bloom.

Watering the plants just enough. This requires continuous learning and regular watering. Sure enough, different plants require varying amounts of water. However, if proper planning is applied, wherein you studied the seeds well and how to care for them, you will know how much water to use for the plants. While some require daily watering, some others don’t need as much. Also, watering your flowering plants too little or too much will also depend on the season you’re currently in. Certain adjustments need to be made every time the season changes. Make sure to take note of this as well. To help ease the complexity of watering, you can opt to have automatic irrigation installed in your garden.

Don’t skip the fertilizer. Your soil must be rich and with a compost pit. However, this is no excuse to skip using fertilizers. There are organic and non-organic ones that you can choose from if ever you are uncertain. Fertilizers are helpful and can keep your flowering plants nourished in seasons like fall and winter when there is limited sunlight to boost growth. Alternatively, you can also use fertilizers even during spring and summer if you see fit. If you decide to do so, make sure that you have read the package well and understood how to apply the fertilizers properly.

Repeated application of the activities above will turn into a habit, and you can use it to your advantage in the long run. Also, these are all impactful yet straightforward habits that can boost the growth of your flowering plants and prevent them from dying. So, are you looking for help reviving your dying garden? Then give us a call at Medford Landscape Design today.

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