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If you fall into “I enjoy the great outdoors, hate that I’m terrible at it.” Or “I want to get into gardening, but I have zero knowledge in the topic.” we hear you. All we can think of is that gardening requires more effort than it seems. However, gardening is a rewarding and challenging hobby, depending on which level you want to get involved. There are a few things a beginner needs to know before jumping into the mysterious world of gardening.

Here are a few tips for gardeners that don’t know where to start and might even help some newbie gardeners. You got this! This is your year to create a gardening journey.

Define your goals. What are your goals? Do you want to grow food for yourself? Are you interested in learning more about how plants grow and function? Or just to have an excuse to spend time outdoors? Knowing your goals will help make sure that whatever steps you take next are headed in the right direction!

Decide what kind of garden you want. There are many different kinds of gardens: vegetable gardens, flower gardens, herb gardens, zen gardens – the list goes on and on! Whatever type of garden you decide on has enough space for everything.

Start small. You don’t need to go all-in right away! Maybe start with a few pots of herbs or some annuals in your front yard. Once you have that down, expand your garden until it’s full-fledged.

Choose your soil wisely. The type of soil can affect how well your plants grow, so make sure that if you’re planting in a different spot than where they have initially planted, dig up some dirt and take it with you to test it before putting anything else into the ground.

Kind of plants you want to grow. Research different plants that will thrive in your area and pick ones that will be successful for your particular climate to avoid plants dying out on you! Learn how to choose the right plants suited for your landscape.

The right tools. You’ll need different things depending on what kind of garden you’ll be doing. Invest in some tools and equipment like shovels or rakes so that they don’t go unused when they could be helping you do something else!

It takes time. This one is obvious enough — you can’t just plant seeds and expect them to grow overnight. So make sure to plan out where each one will go in the garden so they don’t overlap with other plants or take up too much space in one spot.

Practice makes perfect. It’s true: The more time you spend in your garden, the better you’ll get at it — and that includes everything from watering plants to fertilizing them. So even if it feels like much work at first, keep at it! The results will be worth it soon enough!

Be ready to commit. Finally —and most importantly— make sure that you have plenty of time and energy to keep your garden alive! Gardening can be advantageous, but it also takes lots of patience and hard work!

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